Markham Chess Club (MCC) was established under the Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) with the vision to promote chess in Markham and surrounding areas.  For both children and adults, playing chess will help exercise both sides of the brain, raise your IQ, increase problem-solving skills and spark your creativity while having fun.

MCC provides chess classes for ages 5 and up in the Sunny Mandarin Culture Centre at 50 Lockridge Ave, Unit 14, Markham, Ontario. Please see the page of Chess Classes for details.

MCC has regular meeting on Thursday night from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the same location (No meeting during summer break).  All levels of chess players are welcome.

Please send player's information to,  and include the following information in the email: player's name, birthday, CFC no. (if have), CFC rating (if have), and guardian's name (if player is under 18 years old).